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Disfrute de la naturaleza: Descubra el oasis natural de El Paraíso Golf

El Paraiso Golf in Estepona is not only a magnificent golf course, but it's also a habitat for many species of wildlife. As you play through the course, you will come across a variety of animals, including ducks, swans, hoopoe birds, sparrows, turtles, and carps.

The ducks and swans that call the lakes of the course their home add a peaceful ambiance to your golf game. These birds are known for their grace and beauty, and they always provide a calming presence for the golfers.

The hoopoe bird is a common sight at El Paraiso Golf, and it's also the official club logo. This bird is known for its striking appearance, with its distinct crown of feathers on its head. The hoopoe is a symbol of good luck and is believed to bring prosperity to those who see it.

Otters are also present at El Paraiso Golf but as they are nocturnal animals, they are very hard to see while the course is open. Turtles and carps are also present in the lakes, and they add to the natural beauty of the course. These creatures can often be seen basking in the sun or swimming around the course.

At El Paraiso Golf, you can experience the beauty of nature while enjoying a round of golf. It's a unique experience to share the course with such a diverse range of wildlife, and it's one of the many things that make El Paraiso Golf an unforgettable destination.

Sumérjase en la belleza de la naturaleza en El Paraíso Golf de Estepona
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