A Unique Members´ Club.

Paraiso Golf is a members’- owned golf course. We currently have two ways of becoming a member; purchasing a re-sale share or becoming an introductory member

Social area
conceived for our member’s enjoyment.

At Paraiso Golf we pride ourselves on offering our members an incomparable experience. We hold 10 members’ competitions per week so that they can enjoy team and individual games with other members. At Paraiso, many of the competitions are drawn which means in little time you will have many new friends to organize games outside competitions. Members are allowed to book 2 weeks in advance. Since 2013 we manage our own restaurant again, so shareholders also enjoy a 20% discount on drinks and 15% on food. We also hold many social events including barbecues, live entertainment shows, Murder Mystery nights, quiz nights, pantomimes, Flamenco nights, theme nights, etc. 

At Paraiso we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our members’ experiences at the Club!



We currently have some shareholders who are willing to sell their share.

For more information call us at +34 952 88 38 35 e-mail

A Social Club conceived for the enjoyment of all our members.

El Paraiso Golf