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At El Paraiso Golf, we are proud to have a Junior Academy that is managed by our Head Pro, Daniel Westermark. With over 25 years of experience in teaching golf, Daniel brings his expertise to the Junior Academy and provides a supportive and inclusive environment for young golfers to develop their skills.

One of the key benefits of our Junior Academy is the opportunity for children to learn from a highly qualified instructor who is fluent in multiple languages. Daniel is not only a skilled golf coach but also speaks English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and French, making it easier for kids from different backgrounds to learn and communicate effectively.

We offer a variety of programs for children of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Our coaching sessions cover all aspects of the game, including swing technique, short game, course management, and etiquette. Our aim is to help young golfers develop a lifelong passion for the sport, while also promoting sportsmanship and respect for the game.

The Junior Academy also provides a fun and engaging social experience for kids. They have the opportunity to meet other young golfers, make friends, and participate in various events and competitions throughout the year. We believe that golf is not only a game, but also a valuable tool for personal growth and development.

Our Junior Academy is a fantastic program that offers young golfers the opportunity to learn from a highly experienced instructor who speaks multiple languages. With a focus on skill development, sportsmanship, and fun, we are confident that our Junior Academy will help your child become a better golfer and a better person.

Building Future Champions: Enroll Your Child in the Junior Academy at El Paraiso Golf Club
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