The Fascinating History of El Paraiso Golf Club
El Paraiso Golf Club - Estepona, Malaga Spain - Golf club
El Paraiso Golf Club - Estepona, Malaga Spain - Golf club

Opened in 1973, El Paraiso Golf Club has the distinction of being Gary Player designed. As a designer, Gary Player has been involved in the construction of more than 400 golf courses in 35 countries, all with the same philosophy: courses designed to be suitable for both professionals and amateurs. And Player left his mark in the same way on the beautiful area of land known as Paraiso Valley, where he created what is considered to be one of the best designed golf courses in Andalucía.

Since 1973, El Paraiso has been at the centre of 50 years of golfing stories, stories of difficulties, but also of successes; the stories of people who had a vision and carried it through, and of those who have continued to develop it; of the members who love golf, but also a club that has united them throughout their lives; in short, the stories of the people who have made this anniversary possible.

The Mols family, who had fled Belgium after the Republic of Congo's independence, settled in southern Spain in the 1960s. They purchased a 200-hectare plot of land in the Paraiso Valley in 1968, which later became the site of the El Paraiso golf course. The club's reputation grew under the ownership of Alan James and Morgan Mostrup, who acquired it in 1984 and organized various competitions to enhance its standing. Additionally, construction company Wimpey expressed interest in the region during the 1980s, offering homebuyers the opportunity to become full members of El Paraiso Golf Club. Hugh Maloney, Wimpey's representative, played a crucial role as the club's chairman, facilitating the connection between El Paraiso and Wimpey.

Perhaps the most significant part of the history of El Paraiso Golf Club was the members' buyout. The majority owner of the club was Wimpey, but it had made 2 commercia decision to concentrate its interests in the UK and relinquish ownership of the course. Hugh Maloney managed to convince Wimpey's directors that the memhers coulld minance the purchase. So the committee, with more than the required 50% approval, moved forward with the purchase.

Tuesday, zist May 1996 was the big day for the members. After more than a year of negotiation, they were successful in buying the clubhouse and golf course from Wimpey, turning it into one of the rew member-owned golt courses on the Costa del Sol. As such, all profits are invested into the club and course improvements.

The course is considered to be one of the best-designed golf courses in Andalucía, with the club's profits invested into the club and course improvements. The club's story is one of community, dedication, and a shared passion for golf.

El Paraiso Golf Club continues to attract golfers from all over the world with its championship course, stunning surroundings, and rich history. Members and visitors alike can enjoy a challenging game of golf on a course designed by a legendary golf player while also immersing themselves in the stories and traditions of the club.

Gary Player
S4 some mens captains in jackets
S4 some mens captains in jackets

El Paraiso Golf has a rich history that dates back to the late 1960s when Bruno Mols and Fernando Gillis, a Belgian family forced to flee their country, purchased a vast tract of land in the picturesque Paraiso Valley in southern Spain. With a vision to create a world-class golf course, they laid the foundation for what would become El Paraiso Golf Club. Over the years, the club has seen ownership changes, including the acquisition by businessmen Alan James and Morgan Mostrup in 1984, who further developed the club's reputation through organizing competitions. Today, El Paraiso Golf stands as a testament to its founders' determination and the enduring legacy of a golfing paradise nestled in the stunning Spanish landscape.

We create success or failure on the course primarily by our thoughts. Gary Player